Our Company

GeoLogica was founded by people with a passion for geology and a desire to provide the best learning environments for training and education in the geosciences.

Our Team

Between us we have almost 100 combined years in delivering training of the highest quality to the oil and gas industry. This experience is brought to bear in all aspects of GeoLogica business.

Geoscientists have the skills and knowledge to unlock existing and new energy sources, and these skills are required to satisfy the world’s energy needs. Our team of staff and advisors are focused on providing the best in training and education in geoscience, from our core business of oil and gas training, to addressing geoscience-related aspects of the coming energy transition.

Carbonate beach, Crooked Island, Bahamas

Our Founding Principles

  1. To engage world-class experts with outstanding teaching skills to lead our training. Our tutors represent the best practitioners in the world in their chosen geoscience discipline.
  2. To visit the best locations – to provide the most appropriate outcrop analogs for teaching and education.
  3. To provide complete logistical support – to allow our tutors to engage fully with participants.
  4. To ensure first-class safety procedures – to protect our clients and tutors from any unfortunate events.
  5. To minimize environmental impact - by reducing waste and energy use, particularly on our field courses.
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