What is GeoCultura?

Cultural and Historical Adviser Professor Mark Hammond discusses the unique approach the company is taking to the relationship between geoscience and history.
2 minute read

For thousands of years people have travelled to the oracle at Delphi to seek answers to their fate and guidance on their lives. Now GeoCultura will be taking people back to Delphi on a unique journey into the history and culture of Ancient Greece to describe how geology has driven and shaped that history. Today scientists theorize that light hydrocarbon gases escaping through fissures below the temple of Apollo at Delphi could have induced hallucinations. So, when the priestess was seated above a fissure and predicting the future, she was in a trance with a distinctly geoscientific origin!

In Scotland memories still rankle today of the highland clearances of the eighteenth century which resulted in tens of thousands being forcibly removed and shipped to Canada. The clearances in turn were the result of changes to agriculture and the failure of the land to support the population. But how far was this process driven by the underlying geology? How can geoscience help us understand the events which shaped our history? GeoCultura will be guiding people through the links between geoscience and history in Scotland and, on the journey, seeing the culture of the Highlands.

In Greece, in Scotland and in many other areas with a rich history and geology, GeoCultura will explore the impacts of the local geology of an area on its history and on its culture today. GeoCultura is an innovative and exciting initiative to bring those links alive and take you on an unforgettable journey into the past to help us understand the present. In the course of a GeoCultura tour you will learn how the history of the earth has shaped the history of a region, as well as enjoying the best in hospitality, food and cultural treasures.

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