Subsurface Training

High-quality, high-level and focused training for energy industry professionals, delivered online, in the field and in the classroom.

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What We Do

GeoLogica Training provides access to leading tutors, teaching a broad portfolio of courses that are open to everyone. We provide excellent and cost-effective training for the oil and gas industry.

Virtual Courses

Ranging from 6 to 36 hours of tuition, our Live Online Training provides options for introductory, in-depth and workshop-style treatment of topics. Combining interactive live sessions presented over a varying number of days with exercise materials and independent reading, our virtual courses are the answer to modern training – they eliminate the necessity for travel, minimize social exposure and lower costs.

Classroom Courses

Providing the theoretical background of the geosciences with practical applications to the industry, our classroom courses will be delivered by world-leading experts. Teaching methods range from lecture delivery and workshop learning to core store sessions.

Typically 3 to 5 days, our courses will be delivered in a variety of locations in the US, Europe and elsewhere.

Classroom learning in structural geology

Field Courses

We believe that field learning is best achieved through a combination of active observation and practical exercises at outcrop, combined with supporting classroom sessions. The field environment:

  • Bridges the ‘resolution gap’ between cm-scale core data and dm-scale seismic data
  • Provides a true sense of scale that can be related back to available subsurface data
  • Reinforces classroom learning

Typically 5 to 6 days, our residential courses will be delivered in a variety of locations in the US, Europe and elsewhere.